When to change Engine oil for Diesel car

Engine oil is the only fluid that saves the internal parts of the Engine from uneven wear and tear.If you don’t know much about internal component of a car or how they work,then you would be amazed to know about the places where the engine oil reaches and lubricates the parts.


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Before we get back to our main topic,let us know a bit about what Engine oil does.

Engine oil generally lubricates each and every moving part in an engine.So you know what parts move in an engine.Every engine got pistons to move from TDC-BDC(top dead centre to bottom dead centre).So the area that touches those pistons while moving up and down i.e the cylinder is lubricated to reduce the wear and tear of both piston as well as cylinder.That lubrication lead to reduction in friction between the cylinder and the piston,but that friction only propagates when your Engine oil looses all its viscosity.Engine oil looses its viscosity with time and usage.This is the very main reason as “why to change the Engine oil in correct intervals?”

Second thing is your engine can be DOHC or SOHC(Double-Single Over Head Cam).Cams shaft are responsible for timely delivery of fuel,air and timely release of burned fuel in the form of smoke(properly or improperly,it does exit the engine cylinder any way).They monitor and deploy and release the valves for cylinders.So in order to do that the cam shaft keep on rotating and opening-closing valves. These cam shaft rotates at much more revolutions like your engine crank shaft. Normally engine are like 12 valves 16 valves or 4 valves per cylinder,so more is the number of cylinders,more will the work load on cam shafts because of more valves per cylinder.

Cam shafts need to be lubricates seamlessly.If they don’t,then they might break(cases have been seen,where people forgot to change the engine oil and it’s level went so low that the engine heat broke the cam shafts and the engine stopped moving the vehicle).This is the second main reason as “why to change the Engine oil in correct intervals?”

Back to the main topic.

The main thing is to put the right grade of Engine oil after correct intervals.Every manufacturer have different grades required for their Engines,but they might not be like,a special type of grade is required.Each and every grade is easily available.

Engine oil grades with Temperature tolerance.


Normal criteria for Engine oil change:

1. 5000 Kms or 3000 Miles is too frequent(a very large population believe in it),but the engine oils of today are of superior quality,they can last more than 10,000-13,000 kms or 6000-8000 Miles easily in every condition(hot or cold) .Frequent change is a wastage of both money and engine oil.

2. Engine oil filter change is very very important.The moving parts in your engine keeps on rubbing with each other so they leave small particles(debris) into the engine oil,which goes to the engine oil filter and the filter does filter them.Filter keep on doing this and it reaches a position where it can’t filter any more.So it is very important or your Engine oil filter can rip apart(it is normally of paper or fibre mesh) and the small particles in your engine oil will create friction in your engine’s moving parts and will lead to excessive friction between them.Which will result in engine over heating and possible engine shut down.


3. Air filter cleaning can be done every 5000 kms or 3000 miles.It is necessary because modern diesel engine got MAS sensors which senses the air flow and reports to ECU. ECU according to sensed data directs the fuel injectors to eject more or less fuel according to intake air flow.If you have been driving in very dusty condition,then clean or change Air filter accordingly and doesn’t wait for next engine oil change interval.Your air filter does a good job but excessive dust makes it difficult for your filter to do the job and MAS sensor senses less air and so you get less power from the Engine.

4. It is necessary to put some engine oil in the engine oil filter when installing it.When you put the new engine oil filter it is always dry. When you install it,close the cap and crank the engine,the engine oil pump creates a suction which might make your engine oil filter choke. Engine oil takes 1-2 seconds to reach the engine bay and then reach the engine oil filter.This processes completes one cycle and the oil filtering comes as second last process,before the filtered oil is sent back to the oil reservoir or the sump.

5. If you are using synthetic,then switching to non-synthetic may not be a big issue.Switching to non-synthetic won’t harm much,but synthetic oils is a bit different and costly and some studies have suggested that it is better but some studies have suggested that they are costly and manufacturers earn a lot of business by selling synthetic oils. So they promote synthetic over non-synthetic oils.

6. When you take out the dip-stick and notice that the engine oil is very dark or black,then it doesn’t mean it has gone bad or have lost its viscosity(This is the case with older engines,newer engine might have clear oil,older engine do have a lot of debris in it).The very main thing is to keep in touch with the odo readings,6000 miles done,change the oil,oil filter,air filter and done. Second thing is to see if a drop drops from the dip stick.Third thing is to check the oil level.Clean the dip stick,but it back in and take it out again to see the level. Very low engine oil level means it does not even touches the dip stick.


[image source-http://www.testingautos.com/how-to-check-engine-oil]