What girls need to know about cars

There is a common saying that “Ladies and driving doesn’t go same way”,it’s all because of few reasons. Some of the reasons are, no body teaches them much or they didn’t get much time to focus on how things works in a car. Another reason is, they doesn’t care at all about driving manners,driving safety and equipment.

What girls need to know about cars is the main concern. This post is entirely focused on helping all female drivers know as much as possible about cars.


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Here i am covering all basic stuff related to cars(not much technical stuff or mechanics).

What girls need to know about cars:-

  1. The very first thing is,cars are awesome but requires maintenance and proper keeping. Improperly maintained vehicle prove hazardous.
  2. Car is a combination of mechanical parts,plastic,rubber,fabric,petroleum liquids as well as computer devices. All of these components work together to provide you a ride,a safe,reliable ride. If any of the main functioning component goes kaput,the car may break down.
  3. Both manual transmission(Stick gear shift) as well as automatic do have clutches. In a manual car you need to operate the clutch,but in an automatic car the clutch is operated automatically. Automatic transmission is costly to repair but easy to use for any type of driver.
  4. Timely maintenance normally includes,engine oil change,air filter cleaning or change,engine oil filter change,tyre rotation and alignment etc. All of these things are major maintenance stuff. Sometime more is needed to be done,which is always specified by your car manufacturer in car’s owner’s manual.(Read our post on when to change engine oil for diesel car)
  5. If your car suddenly stops running,don’t keep on starting it or cranking the engine. There can be few simple reasons to engine shut down. Do check for these simple things:- check the fuel level, check if any warning light shows up at the ODO meter console or MID. Check the engine temperature gauze(that has blue area with C letter and red area with H letter) if the needle is between both c and h then engine is not over heated. If everything is normal then proceed to these steps. Open the hood and check if you can see the timing belt/serpentine belt,if it isn’t there it might have been broken or ripped off. In that case you surely need a mechanic to replace it. You may need to tow the vehicle to the nearest mechanic or you can call for road-side assistance. In modern cars, you will get a warning light or MIL(Malfunction Indication Light). But the best is to do a little bit of check on your own. Manufacturer may schedule the belt change in your service book.
  6. In case of manual car,always press the clutch and crank the engine. This ensures the safety,because cranking the car in any gear can move it and hit another car or pedestrian. In case of cars that starts with the push button,it is necessary to press the clutch else it won’t start. Don’t worry if you accidentally pressed the start button,it won’t start the engine unless you press the clutch and press the push button again.
  7. Check the tyre pressure before getting in to the car and moving it. In simple means,just give a look at all tyres. Low air pressure can work but flat tyres will get ruined if you keep on running it like that. It hardly takes 1-2 seconds to notice all four tyres. Do this type of normal inspection when you get in to the car after few hours or in the morning. Do visit the air filling station every month or two and ensure proper tyres pressure. Suggested tyre pressure is always printed on the inside of the driver door or on the fuel filler cap opener.
  8. Before getting in to your car at the parking lot,always take a look at the exit points for the parking lot. It’s easy to plan your exit strategy when you are out of the car. Things may appear different when you get in the car,because of small door windows and small rear wind shield. Parking camera and parking sensors are a must-have accessory. As you may have noticed the camera view screen always suggests”check you surrounding for obstacles”,do check.
  9. In case of emergency situations,where nothing can be done,just brake in straight line. Turning the steering wheel on hard breaking can put more stress on one of the front wheels and the other wheel may skid(in case of non-ABS car). Always opt for a car with Anti-lock braking system. ABS simply makes sure that car’s wheel doesn’t skid,this is done by the sensors which senses the wheel rotation and brakes accordingly. ABS ensures that you never skid your car but will not ensure that you won’t hit anything on the road or driveway.Braking distance may increase when ABS works. Mercedes and some manufacturers have “Collision control systems” that brakes if you are going to hit a vehicle accidentally. But those cars are very costly and the technology is under testing phases.
  10. Always keep a check on your car’s documents. Car’s important documents are, car’s registration documents,car’s insurance documents,Pollution-in-control certificate. There may be some other documents like,owner’s manual,parking receipt etc,these are not necessary to carry with. Always keep the driver’s license in your wallet.
  11. When travelling to long distances,always check the first aid kit for pain killers,antiseptics,antibiotics,cotton,rolled bandages,square bandages,a slip containing your doctor’s personal telephone number,your parents telephone number,office or company’s telephone number.You may keep a puncture kit(it is a hard job but you can get help from some one on the road),properly inflated spare wheel,jack,tow cable,jumper cables etc.
  12. Follow all the traffic rules at all times. There are strict traffic rules but the major concern is the safety,your’s as well as other’s.

There are many more things to keep in mind but will cover those things in another post. Keep reading the articles like this. Follow us on twitter and Facebook.