Change tail lamp bulb for Maruti Suzuki Swift

This is a quick help post to change tail lamp bulb for Maruti Suzuki Swift(all models,depicted by old model  but same goes for the new model swift ).change_tail_lamp_bulb


There are three bulbs in the tail lamp of swift(3 in left and 3 in right).Two of these bulbs are single filament bulbs(12V 21W) but the third one is double filament bulb(12V 21W/5W). Singe filament bulbs are for indicators and reversing lamp and double filament bulb is for red braking light. In double filament bulb,lower filament(thin filament,5W filament) turns on when you turn on the running lights (one twist on the lamp stalk) but during braking both filaments(thin 5W and thick 21W) glow irrespective of running lights being turned on/off.

If you noticed any of these bulbs not glowing,then it is very easy to change any of them. You just need to check which bulb it is. Bulbs costs very less but driving with blown bulb can lead to an accidental condition.

How to change tail lamp bulb for Maruti Suzuki Swift

Following steps are for changing the double filament braking bulb for left lamp,but same applies for any bulb,you just need to check which filament it is,single or double filament:-

1.Open the boot and unscrew two screws on the lamp.

ligh screws highlighted

2.Now gently pull out the lamp assembly. There are two holes in which the lamp assembly is inserted,you have to pull the assembly out gently. From the images,points marked with blue are the inserts and the red marks are where the lamp was screwed on. You have to pull the lamp assembly outwards from the blue points.

Tail lamp is isnterted in to them

Tail lamp is inserted in to them

3.After this you have to remove the bulb,to do so you need to rotate the bulb holder in anti-clockwise direction and it will pop out,the same applies for all three bulb holders.

Bulb holder to be rotated in anti-clockwise direction

Bulb holder to be rotated in anti-clockwise direction

The bulb holder will pop out.

Bulb holder out,it have projections which inserts in to the assembly

Bulb holder out,it have projections which inserts in to the assembly

4.Now remove the faulty or blown bulb by gently pressing the bulb and rotating it in anti-clockwise direction. The bulb will pop out.

Faulty blown bulb

Faulty blown bulb(blown filament is visible)

5.Change the bulb and insert the new bulb by gently pushing it in and rotating it clock wise until it fits in.

Blown vs new bulb

Blown vs new bulb

6.Now you have to insert the bulb holder back in,just like you took it out but you have to rotate it in clock wise direction.

Keep in mind not to put a lot of pressure,these all are plastic parts and due to heat,moisture,dust etc they doesn’t stay much rigid for long time(every thing in a car ages quick,because of extreme conditions).

7. Now before you put the tail lamp assembly back in,check all the bulbs of both lamps for proper functioning. You need help from another person to check. Turn on the hazard warning lights and the blinkers will be checked, turn on the ignition switch(no need to crank the engine) and put the car in to reverse gear to check the reverse lamp, then turn on the running lamps from the stalk and apply brakes to check the braking lamps. When running lights are on,the braking lamps will not glow much but as soon as you apply the brakes,they will glow bright.

The tail lamps and headlamps are always connected to the battery so use them to the least or else you will drain much of the battery juice,old car battery may not in the habit of retaining much charge.

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