Best Automotive brands of 2016(List of Global Brands)

Automotive industry is one of the most important,valuable and trusted industries. The Auto-sector in India as well as in the world is increasing phenomenally. Best Automotive brands have gained so much in Auto-tech that they have made their products reliable,durable and modern. But what brands provide best of the best ?


Here is a list of Best Automotive brands of 2016. The info is obtained from top 100 Best Global Brands of 2016 list,a list provided by NYC based Interbrand,a brand consultancy company by Omnicom Group.

Note: The following list provides information in this pattern:

Brand name(Country where brand headquarters are,Brand’s current value in US $ Million ,Brand’s place on the list of top 100 Best Global Brands )

So check out the Best Automotive brands of 2016:-

1.  Toyota (Country- Japan,Brand Value- $53,580 Million,5th place on the list).

2. Mercedes-Benz (Country- Germany,$43,490 Million,9th place on the list).

3. BMW (Country- Germany, $41535 Million,11th place on the list).

4. Honda (Country- Japan,$22,106 Million,21st place on the list).

5. Ford (Country- USA,$12,962 Million,33rd place on the list).

6. Hyundai (Country- South Koria,$12,547 Million,35th place on the list).

7. Audi (Country- Germany,$11,799 Million,38th place on the list).

8. VW (Country- Germany,$11,436 Million,40th place on the list).

9. Nissan (Country-Japan,$11,066 Million,43rd place on the list).

10. Porsche (Country- Germany,$9,537 Million,50th place on the list).

11. KIA (Country-South Koria,$6,326 Million,69th place on the list).

12. Land Rover (Country- UK,$5,696 Million,78th place on the list).

13. Harley Davidson (Country- USA,$5,527 Million,80th place on the list).

14. Mini (Country- UK,$4,986 Million,88th place on the list).

15.  TESLA (Country- USA,$4,011 Million,100th i.e Last place on the list).

There are few things to note or observe from the top list. The top most thing to notice is the entry made by USA based Tesla motors into the list of top 100 Global Brands. Tesla motors manufacture and provide Electric-only cars to consumers. Tesla have been very very successful. They provide Electric-only cars,which is a huge challenge for manufacturers but Tesla proved it to be a success. According to recent news,about 24,500 Tesla cars were sold in Quarter 3 of 2016,which is a remarkable. Moreover there are so many  YouTube videos of Tesla Model S (Videos link)beating high end modified sports/muscle cars in drag races. I wonder,what Tesla put in those electric motors which made these cars quicker than the quickest.

Gainers,who gained brand value in 2016:-

Toyota(+9%), Mercedes(+18%), BMW(+12%), Ford(+12%), Hyundai(+11%), Audi(+14%), Nissan(+22%), Porsche(+18%), KIA(+12%), Land Rover(+11%), Harley Davidson(+1%), Mini(+18%), Tesla(New Gainer).

Losers,who lost brand value in 2016:-

Honda(-4%), VW(-9%).

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